Governance Overview

RE/MAX Holdings is committed to a corporate governance program that ensures that our Board has the right people and practices to effectively create stockholder value while considering the interests of all of our stakeholders.

  • Key Board committees are fully independent
  • Separate Chair & CEO Roles
  • Robust Lead Independent Director Role
  • Most Directors attended 100% of Board and committee meetings; no current Director attended less than 75% of Board and committee meetings in 2023
  • Three Directors are Board Leadership Fellows with National Association of Corporate Directors (“NACD”) and one has earned the NACD Directorship Certification
  • Annual self-assessments administered by inside counsel or third-party
  • Commitment to Board refreshment - two new members added in 2022 and two new members in 2023

Gender Diversity

  • 50% Women
  • 50% Men

Board Tenure

  • 50% >5 Years
  • 50% <5 Years

Racial Diversity

  • 20% Diverse
  • 80% Not Diverse

Board Independence

  • Independent
  • Not Independent

*as of April 11, 2024

Diversity of Skills, Qualifications, and Experience

RE/MAX Holdings Board of Directors possess a diverse range of skills and experience including the following areas:

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Board members with strong financial backgrounds assist the Board in its oversight of the Company’s accounting and financial reporting. Two members are “Audit Committee Financial Experts.”




RE/MAX, with a presence in over 110 countries and territories, continues to grow quickly in international markets. Board member with experience in global businesses can help as the Company seeks to expand global revenue opportunities.



Public Company Board Experience (Other than RMAX)

Experience on other public boards gives members a broad perspective on the issues that public companies face.



Real-Estate Expertise

As a holding company that addresses many aspects of home buying and home selling, having Board members with broad experience in the real estate industry is crucial.



Franchise Expertise

The Company is primarily a franchisor. Board members with franchise experience can help the Company navigate the unique challenges of the franchise business model.



In-Depth Company Knowledge

The RE/MAX network was founded in 1973 by David and Gail Liniger. These real estate visionaries have led RE/MAX through many economic cycles and massive changes in the industry. The wisdom these leaders have gained over their careers continues to be invaluable to the Board as RE/MAX Holdings continues to grow and expand its business.



Cyber Security

As the industries the Company operates in become more technology centered, the risks increase. Board members with information technology security backgrounds are valuable in this important area of Board oversight.


*as of April 11, 2024

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